On Sunday, Evan and I visited the Agudas Israel Synagogue in its current location.  I was quite nervous since I had never been to a Jewish Synagogue before, and I didn’t want to ask too many questions or seem rude in any way.  However, it turned out to be very informative and a nice trip.  We were shown the Sanctuary, the Library, several cases filled with older relics of Agudas Israel’s past, and several other things that helped center the story in the present. I learned a lot about Jewish culture, and Sharon, one of the members of the Synagogue, pointed out a particular source that was in the archival collection that I might be able to use for my portion of the project.

While we were there, we also visited a graveyard near downtown Hendersonville, with one section associated mainly with the Congregation. It was walled off in order to make sure that the Jewish burial practices were upheld in that portion of the graveyard, and many of the names were familiar to the narrative we were piecing together from the sources.

Finally, we also followed Sharon and Vick, another member of the Congregation, to downtown Hendersonville to visit the building in which the Synagogue was originally placed. It was now a Salvation Army location, but I was interested in how close to Main Street the Synagogue was.  It was a brief walk between the main road and the Synagogue, which I suppose really helped keep the Congregation close together – especially with most of their livelihoods being placed on Main Street. Additionally, visiting Main Street really helped me think about the Jewish presence in Hendersonville, especially in they were the ones who took up most of the street. Hendersonville isn’t a giant town, with most of the downtown of Hendersonville being comprised on the Main Street. It seems as though Christians and Jews must have been constantly interacting with each other in order to make any sort of purchase in the main town, since there seems to be little else. Of course, the city grew and expanded outwards from Main Street, but it seems as though Main Street is really the center of Hendersonville’s commerce today as well.

For the website, I’m planning on getting started on improvements that need to be made, and thinking about what I should do with my particular page. Its much longer compared to the other pages, so I’m thinking that a division in subpages is really needed. I want to add some photographs to my page, at least a couple, so the attention to space is vital to the content and the viewer connecting.


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