Everything seemed to go pretty smoothly for Friday’s class.  I enjoyed meeting back up with the Games Programming class and I don’t think it took us very long for us all to be on the same page with future progression.  I was pleased with the idea for the interactive game that the group suggested for us, a 2D top-down questing game that would tell some of the story about the fundraising efforts to build the Agudas Israel Synagogue.  I find the game to be extremely appropriate for the topic at hand, and I’m hoping that the Games Programming group won’t have too tough of a time putting it together.

Additionally, we have our travel plans to go to the Agudas Israel Synagogue: April 2nd, next Sunday. I’m a little nervous about just going to the Hendersonville Synagogue, but I’m hoping that we will be welcomed inside and a good dialogue will generate between us and the Congregation’s current members. Maybe we will be able to find some final touches that will make our website look perfect?

I’m not sure, at this point, how many members of the Games Programming group would be able to come on our trip. However, as long as 1 member of the Programming group comes, I say the trip will be successful. We need more eyes and ideas than just from our class, and surely they will want to gather their own resources (pictures, etc.) for their game.

Finally, the only other thing to report is the progression in the technology front. I think I’m making good progress on my personal page for the website. I’m hoping to start putting the Thinglink together, which I want to focus on points around the “Main Street” of Hendersonville where people lived.  Although the street names might have changed, hopefully I can piece together an interactive little map or street way that shows places where the founding families lived and worked. The Synagogue would also have to be included within this to tie it altogether.

There’s such a time crunch on our hands, but hopefully everything will come together.


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