Meeting in groups and figuring out the contract was actually less stressful than I first thought it would be. Lots of work is going to have to go into these WordPress websites, so I was fearful that our initial contract would be incredibly lacking in detail. I’m just glad that everything seems to be in order. There’s still so much to do and really not much time to do it in, but at this rate, I think things will begin to come together.

The class period on Friday was very surprising to me, I really had a great time with the AVID Students at Special Collections. I was impressed that most of them were really fascinated with our projects, at least in a couple aspects, and how open they were to asking questions about the sources, the people, and how we were working on our websites. I’m not used to working with students, even high schoolers, in settings like that, so I was surprised by how engaged they seemed to be.

For my group in particular, the next steps will be transferring our information into the website and starting to set everything up to how we will like it. I will probably get started on that over Spring Break, since our time is starting to shrink. I’m worried about the division of other tools, especially since we haven’t gone out to the Synagogue yet – as we would love to work with the Juxtapose tool. Additionally, I think  Kevin recently discovered that the Synagogue’s location has moved since the first building. I’m wondering how we will get around that obstacle…

So much work to do, including lots of work from other classes. I’m thinking my Spring Break will not be as relaxing as I initially hoped, and Spring semesters are always much more difficult than their Fall counterparts. However, buckling down and doing what I can accomplish is necessary to make this product as fantastic as I know it can be.



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