Surprisingly, I learned a great amount of information about the concepts of copyrights and usage rights from the lecture last Wednesday.  The most I had heard about copyright infringement and issues were just on various websites I have used before, with artwork stealing and music for videos. However, I never knew how rigidly complex and complicated copyrights were.

I think I’ve definitely developed a strong understanding, and perhaps, a newfound respect for copyright laws. As much as we want to take and use whatever we can get our hands on, it’s just not right. At least, and definitely not, without asking for permissions. It seems surprising how some people are willing to trust others with their copyrights, though I’m sure the same number of people are as tight-fisted with their property as I was previously lead to believe.

For our project, gladly, we don’t have to worry about copyright infringement as much, since the entirety of the collection we have in Special Collections was donated to us, but we will be careful to check the documents and photographs from the collection to put on the website. Additionally, when we travel to the Synagogue, we can take our own photographs that we can use without any other permissions, though we should make sure we make our intentions known to the members of the Congregation.

Also, with designing and completing the website, we might be able to find images from creative commons for such things as banner images, icons, or other final touches.

I’m glad that we have so many options to create and cultivate our historical website, as I worried that most of the lecture was just going to be shoving doors in our faces that we wouldn’t have any time to go around. Luckily, I think creative commons is filled to the brim with possibilities for additional decorum and sounds.


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