It’s already hard to believe how far we are into the semester, and there’s still so much to do. The contract’s pretty much written out, research is progressing, and we’ve discussed the tools we think we’ll be using in our WordPress site in order to complete the narrative we’re trying to tell and make the website more interactive.

I can definitely see us using Timeline JS, as its a pretty standard tool and useful for either familial or community progression, either or would be fine. Juxtapose was a tool I think we all were really impressed by, since it’s so simple yet so impactful. I think there will be no issues with having a couple functioning Juxtapose picture comparisons. Thinglink will serve us, I think, much better than attempting to utilize TimeMapper or StoryMap JS, as most of our events will probably be at the Synagogue and we can’t exactly stack events on top of one another (or, if we can, it would probably look pretty tacky or clunky). With Thinglink, along with a plugin map, would be much better at placing the Agudas Israel Synagogue into the context of the surrounding area, and we can place our own points on the Thinglink production.

I think our next steps will be to continue the research, plan a trip to the Synagogue itself (after reaching out to them first, of course), and to start gathering materials for various tools and a collection of resources for the Games Programming team to utilize on the interactive after spring break.  Additionally, whatever documents that can be found within the collection itself will be more than useful, and we can pin them to the website itself. Or, I think the Games Programming team was interested in using some examples in their interactive, so that would be interesting too.

Lots of work ahead, but hopefully it won’t be too crazy.


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